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Abano Terme

Abano Terme is one of the largest spas in the world. A holiday in this town, but also a simple day of relaxation, allows you to discover, in addition to the thermal pools, spas, and wellness centers, also historic towns, sanctuaries, rolling hills, and natural oases.

Rheumatic and osteo-articular diseases
•    Osteo-articular rheumatism;
•    Arthritis and arthrosis;
•    Osteo-arthrosis;
•    Osteoporosis;
•    Fibrositis and fibromyositis;
•    Lumbago;
•    Periarthritis, spondylitis, spondylarthrosis, tendonitis;

Gastro-intestinal and urinary tract diseases
•    Irritable bowel syndrome;
•    Gastro-intestinal and biliary dyspepsia;
•    Calculi in the urinary tract;

Gynecological diseases
•    Chronic non-specific vaginitis;
•    Dystrophies;
•    Adnexitis;
•    Salpingitis;
•     Dystrophic cervico-vaginitis;
•     Painful sclerosis of the pelvic connective tissue

Cardio-vascular diseases
•    Venous insufficiency;
•    Chronic phlebopathies;

Skin diseases 
•    Psoriasis;
•    Eczema and atopic dermatitis;
•    Seborrhoeic dermatitis;

ENT (ear, nose and throat) diseases and respiratory tract diseases
•    Chronic rhinosinusitis-bronchial syndromes;
•    Vasomotor rhinopathies (allergic and non-allergic);
•    Bronchitis;
•    Pharyngolaryngitis;
•    Catarrhal otitis;
•    Tubal stenosis;

Mobility rehabilitation
•    Trauma;
•    Sprains;
•    Fractures;
•    Surgery
•    Postural problems

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