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Mineral water ” Igaljka ” has several sources close to the mouth of the river Sutina and is an important factor in treatment and rehabilitation that affect the body vasodilator (repairs damaged circulation), spasmolytic ( reduces muscle tension), analgesic (reduces pain), and generally relaxing. Indication area for the use of mineral water is very wide, it contains a variety of chronic rheumatic diseases, rheumatic diseases of muscle and connective tissue, diseases of the peripheral nervous system condition after trauma and surgery of the musculoskeletal system and certain skin diseases.

Indication area for mineral water application is very wide – there belong different chronic rheumatic diseases, rheumatic diseases of muscular and connective tissue, diseases of peripheral nervous system, conditions of trauma and surgeries of locomotory apparatus and certain skin diseases. –

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  • Rheumatological rehabilitation
  • Cardiac rehabilitation
  • Respiratory rehabilitation
  • Neurologic rehabilitation
  • Sport injury rehabilitation
  • Rehabilitation of the locomotor system
  • hildren’s rehabilitation

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