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Dead Sea

Indications : Psoriasis, Psoriasis arthritis, Pustular psoriasis of the palms & sole, Parapsoriasis disorders, a topic dermatitis ( neurodermatitis), Ichthyosis vulgaris, Mycosis fungidis (1-11), Lichen planus, localized scleroderma ( morphea ), Uvitis, joint disorders, Ankylosing spondylitis ( Bechterev ), and Osteoarthiritis (Degenerative joint disease), Eczema , Eczema– Atopic Eczema.

Medical care at the DEAD SEA MEDICAL CENTER consists of:
Extensive specialized examination as well as the explanation of the individual therapeutic measures at the beginning of the treatment.
Specialists control and evaluate the therapeutic plan.
Dermatological final examination.

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