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In the autumn-winter period, Hajdúszoboszló is the paradise of those wishing to heal and refresh, where taking a bath in the beneficial medicinal water, combined with the medicinal and wellness treatments help to find the harmony of your body and soul.

Thanks to its unique mineral and trace element content, the medicinal water of Hajdúszoboszló can be widely applied in the field of prevention and treatment of health problems, and in order to achieve the therapeutic effect, it is recommended to use a cure consisting of 15 medicinal treatments.
Some of the available treatments are

The Mofetta carbon dioxide-gas bath treatment is exhilaratingly effective. In case of leg pain resulting from severe vasoconstriction, the pain can be relieved, which lasts for several months. Upon the combined effect of underwater group physiotherapy, the therapeutic massage, the magnetic treatment and interference, the bodily pains and the obstacles resulting from movement can be relieved.
This exercise moves through the body parts, muscles and the medical massage perfectly relaxes and refreshes the body, from which the patient can feel lighter. The electric treatments have an effect on the body from inside and help the effects of massage and physical exercise.
The Diadynamic stimulus current treatment is excellent to relieve the pain of high strained joints. During the treatment, pain relief and enhancement of blood flow can be achieved. It is recommended for sprains, bruises, joint and spine abrasions.

Before your medical cure, please consult your doctor and ask for the treatment that is the most appropriate for you in the Medicinal Bath of Hajdúszoboszló.
Spring water is used to cure:
1. Chronic joint inflammation ( polyarthritis chr. sec. )
2. Degenerative joint problems ( arthrosis )
3. Different acute inflammatory degenerative problems of spine ( spondylosis M. Bechterew; chondrosis )
4. Chronic problems, inflammations of the nervous system ( neuralgia; neuritis )
5. Rehabilitation from Heine – Medin desease; cerebral haemorrhage, brain operation or follow – up treatment from any paralyses.
6. Acute muscle pains (myalgia )
7. Rehabilitation from general and sport injuries
8. Stimulates appearance of callus in case of bonebreaks
and difficult recovery
9. Certain locomotor disorders
10. Chronic gynaecological problems
11. Infertility
12. Acute skin problems

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