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Rogaska Slatina feature is that all the balneological procedures are held not on the sanatoriums base, but in the medical center “Rogaska”, which most sanatoriums are connected with by a covered walkway.

After guest`s checking in doctor-balneologist makes an initial survey for appointing a drinking course of thermal mineral water “Donat Mg” and also a complex of balneological curative procedures. The main treatment is based on taking thermal mineral water “Donat Mg”. The content of magnesium in it has no analogues among natural sources in Europe.

Medicinal properties of ”Donat Mg” are explained by the big amount of magnesium in it. That helps to treat the number of diseases. Drinking sources of Rogaska Slatina resort are concentrated in the drinking hall, which is connected with some sanatoriums by covered walkway.

Drinking water course ”Donat Mg” is appointed for such diseases:

Diabetes mellitus ”Donat Mg” reduces blood sugar level, improves the activity of pancreas.

Podagra magnesium improves nucleic acid metabolism, reduces the level of urinary acid in blood.

Tendency to constipation ”Donat Mg” water stimulates the secretion of bile and intestinal peristalsis.

Obesity ”Donat Mg” improves metabolism, reduces the intoxication in an organism, keeps stable the structure of micro-and macronutrients in it.

Gastritis, heartburn, gastric ulcer magnesium neutralizes acidity, removes spasms, improves blood circulation, regenerates gastric and intestines mucosa.

Chronic hepatitis, pancreatitis, cholecystitis ”Donat Mg” improves an evacuation of gallbladder, regenerates liver cells and improves blood circulation in liver and pancreas.

Stress, chronic fatigue syndrome ”Donat Mg” removes the symptoms of depression, apathy, reduces irritability, excitability, accumulates energy in cells, improves attention concentration, memory and normalizes impulses transmission to muscle cells, increases muscle strength and tone.

Hypertonic disease magnesium has a great effect on vascular tone, reducing their spasms, thereby lowers blood pressure, relieves symptoms of migraines and shortness of breath disappears.

The prevention of gallstone formation magnesium ions improve an evacuation of gallbladder.

A magnesium deficiency 500 ml. of mineral water ”Donat Mg” contain a daily rate of magnesium, which is well absorbed in an organism.

Physiotherapy – first of all this is an individual and group therapeutic exercises in pool and gym. It really helps with spinal diseases and postoperative conditions.

 In addition to all classical balneological facilities in “Rogaska” medical center, you can undergo a treatment for many other diseases. It can be related to metabolic and circulation disorders, nervous and cardiovascular system problems. In that case there are a lot of specially designed treatment programs for our resort-visitors.

Contraindications to treatment in Rogaska Slatina.

All chronic diseases in the acute stage

 Acute bleeding


 Cancer metastasis


 Liver Cirrhosis

 Infection of biliary tracts

 Active tuberculosis

 Acute heart failure

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