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Druskininkai is Lithuania’s most beloved spa resort town known for its white mud. Its relaxing atmosphere permeates all hotels, restaurants, cafes, and activities.

What is the effect of the white mud? During the procedure, it affects the body’s largest organ – the skin – as well as all the body’s tissues and organs. The skin contains numerous nerve endings sensitive to pressure, pain, and temperature. During the procedure, the information received through the skin is transferred over the nervous fibers to the brain, processed, and sent to the internal organs. This improves blood flow and metabolism, causing the body to perspire, excrete harmful materials, and increase body temperature.

Throughout the procedure, the white mud exerts some pressure, creating friction between the mud and the skin. This results in a micro (mechanical) massage effect. When the mud adheres to the skin, it effectively ‘glues’ itself to dead cells, bacteria, and harmful materials, thus cleansing the skin and body. It also moisturizes the skin, protecting it from drying and aging.

Depending on the temperature of the white mud (thermal effect), the skin absorbs biologically active materials, resembling vitamins, hormones, and microelements. This causes bodily inflammatory processes to slow down or stop completely, activates the functions of main bodily glands (thyroid, genital, pituitary, adrenal), and strengthens immunity. This demonstrates that white mud affects the entire body, initiating complex processes that improve its resistance and promote recovery.

The main therapeutic effects of white mud include recovery, improved immunity, scar inhibition, antibacterial properties, soothing effects, reduced blood clotting, and anti-cellulitis benefits. When do we recommend white mud? It is recommended for illnesses and injuries related to the motor apparatus, post-effects of head and back traumas, radiculitis, digestive tract-related conditions, skin diseases, gynecological issues, prostatitis, chronic respiratory illnesses, and more.

Medical SPA Hotel “Eglės sanatorija”
Eglės g. 1, Druskininkai, 66251, Lithuania


  • Physician’s consultation
  • 3 therapeutic treatments* per day:

1. Group physiotherapy in the gym, water or vertical bath (every second day).

2. – Therapeutic bath: Mineral Pearl Bath, Carbonic Acid Bath or other; – Therapeutic mud: Mud (Peat) Application, Mineral Mud (Peat) Bath or White Mud Application.
3. Therapeutic massage: Classic (15 min, every second day) or Underwater (20 min) or massage with a particular device (20 min).

4. Physical agent modalities: Electrical Stimulation, Magnetic Field Therapy, Halotherapy or other.
5. Relaxation treatment: Audiovisual Relaxation, Binaural Relaxation or Aromatherapy, or other treatment: Oxygen and Herbal Tea Cocktail.

* The procedures are indicative and will be prescribed individually by a physician who will assess your health condition and prescribe treatments considering indications and contraindications. The procedures are for adults.

  • 3 meals a day (buffet) and snack bar: brunch and afternoon snack (visits are unlimited at all meals)
  • Natural mineral and fresh water in the Mineral Water Buvette
  • Hydrorelaxation I–V 7:00 am – 3 pm, VI–VII 7:00 am – 2 pm
  • Unlimited visits to the swimming pool and sauna complex every evening
  • Additional group workouts “Be Active”
  • Leisure activities (music nights, tennis courts, billiards, etc.)
  • Accommodation (room of the selected type)


K. Dineikos g. 1, Druskininkai, 66165, Lithuania

SPA VILNIUS Druskininkai is a wellness center offering mineral water procedures, treatment programs, a 4+ star hotel, a SPA bar with a special menu, a restaurant, a leisure center with games such as bowling and darts, a café, a winter garden, and a large conference center – all conveniently located under one roof. This SPA center is situated in Druskininkai, the oldest and largest Lithuanian health resort, nestled on the banks of the Nemunas River in the town center. The surrounding pine forests and lakes ensure a mild, warm climate, characterized by clean and exceptionally fresh European weather. Druskininkai maintains age-old health resort traditions, including treatments using mineral water, therapeutic mud, kinesitherapy, and vertical baths. A nearby mineral water spring is one of SPA VILNIUS’s greatest treasures, supplying highly mineralized water directly to the health center. This rich mineral water, renowned for its healing properties, along with curative mud, are essential components of our offerings.

Standard double room
Digital TV
1 TV
Mini bar
Bed 180 x 200 cm
Climate control
Electric kettle
Balcony 14,5 sqm
Free of charge Wi-Fi
Electric vehicle charging station

In the bathroom:
Hair conditioner
Shower gel
Body lotion
Floor heating system


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