Karlovy Vary

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    Called in English Carlsbad, Karlovy Vary is a spa town situated in western Bohemia, Czech Republic. Founded in 1370, it became a popular tourist destination for international celebrities visiting the town for spa treatments and healing. The city is also known for the International Film Festival. The magnificent Strudel building features a glass chimney and is a sight worth visiting. With over 300 springs in this town, it is a must for anyone seeking a relaxing adventure unlike anything in the world.



    What is treated in Karlovy Vary?

    • Digestive diseases
    • Stomach and 12 duodenal ulcer, bowel, gall bladder, pancreas and chronic liver diseases, rehabilitation after stomach, gall bladder and intestines surgery.
    • Metabolic disorders
    • Diabetes mellitus, obesity, podagra, lipid metabolism disorders.
    • Locomotorium diseases
    • Metabolic diseases with the joints damage, vertebral syndrome (pain in back), painful functional vertebra disorders, traumatic and postoperative locomotorium treatment, deforming and arthritis without inflammation, problems of vertebral and joints depreciation, juvenile scoliosis.
    • After-oncological treatment
    • Stomach, colon, rectum, mammary gland cancer (after a comprehensive cancer treatment, with no signs of activity).


    Treatment process:


    Once placed in a sanatorium, you will have a consultation with a doctor - balneologist, who will update your diagnosis with additional analyzes, if necessary. At once, you will be assigned an individual drinking course of thermal mineral water, which you will take in a certain dosage three times a day from one or more of Karlovy Vary thermal sources (there are 12 sources at the resort). In addition to the drinking course, you will get an appointment for medical procedures. The type of procedures will depend on the nature and course of your main and concomitant diseases. There are total of five main classical procedures: hydrotherapy, mud applications, natural gas treatment, electrotherapy, physiotherapy. In addition, complementary procedures are appointed, as well. There are more than 30 types of them available altogether.

    To expedite the appointment of a medical course, you are advised to have the copies of your medical records, laboratory tests and X-rays done in the last year. Firstly, it will help doctors to choose the best methods of treatment for you. Secondly, you don´t have to spend your time on other repeated tests.

    The mainstay of treatment for patients with diseases of the digestive tract is drinking course of thermal mineral water. Thermal water has complex medicinal effect on a body, it improves the functioning of the digestive tract, metabolism, eliminates acute and chronic inflammatory processes, promotes the excretion of toxic substances.



    Classic Karlovy Vary treatments include:


    Hydrotherapy: natural thermal bath, pearl mineral bath, underwater massage, hydroxyurea , natural carbonic bath, whirlpool baths for upper or lower limbs. These procedures help to improve blood supply, normalization of metabolic processes, improve the condition of bones and cartilage tissues, improve immunity. However, if it is important for you to bathe in natural Karlovy Vary thermal water, keep in mind that in some sanatoriums pearl mineral baths are conducted without the use of natural thermal water.


    Mud application treatment: Natural medical mud used in such procedures as mud wraps, mud baths, parafango relieves muscle spasms, pain, stimulates regenerative processes in tissues, improves the condition of locomotor system.


    Electrotherapy: electrotherapy includes such procedures as galvanic baths, diadynamics, magnetic. Variable frequency currents warm tissues and help to improve blood circulation and metabolism. Electrotherapy also has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects on a body.


    Natural gas treatment: Natural gas injections, dry carbon dioxide baths, carbonic bath. Improves circulation, has analgesic effects.


    Physiotherapy: Above all, this is individual and group therapeutic exercises in the pool and gym. It really helps in vertebra diseases and postoperative conditions.

    In addition to the basic procedures there is an extensive range of complementary procedures, such as lymphatic drainage, oxygen therapy, hydroxeur, whirlpool baths, Sharko shower, ultrasound, gingival irrigation, inhalation, magnet therapy, acupuncture, cryotherapy, as well as various kinds of massages.

    Diet therapy: Diet is an integral element of spa treatment in Karlovy Vary. Diet is prescribed individually for each patient, depending on the nature of disease and the characteristics of its course. In various sanatoriums diet food may include: dietary table or numbering diet system.

    To enjoy most effective staying at a sanatorium, it is recommended to undergo 3-weeks cure, since patient's condition becomes noticeably better already in the second week.

    Needless to say, that in the course of planning a trip to Karlovy Vary, you may have a mass of different issues. In this case, please contact our doctors-balneologists for a free consultation.





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    Jáchymov is a wooded spa town in north-west Czech Republic in the Karlovy Vary Region. In the 1520’s the town was briefly occupied by Saxon troops who found the springs to be healing after a long day of battle and pillaging. Austria had control of the town until 1918 when it was reclaimed to the region. The area was rich in silver deposits, combined with the medicinal hot springs, it was a sought after territory which invoked men to wage war for control. Today, the region is not only peaceful, it welcomes travelers from all over the world who come to renew and reawaken their psychological selves and promote physical healing and pain management.

    Jachymov offers a broad range of medical and wellness treatments. Together with top-class physiotherapy, radon baths are the cornerstone of the treatment at Jáchymov. Mineral water containing radon is released into the special hydropathic baths from the bottom and is reminiscent of a spring slowly filling a pond. This ensures the most effective use of the therapeutic radon, which would otherwise be released before reaching the surface if the bath were filled in the usual manner. You will relax for 15 to 20 minutes in a bath at 35 - 37°C with an ideal concentration of radon at 4 - 5 kBq/litre. At the end of the procedure you will be wrapped in a warm blanket or sheet and lie on a couchette. It is necessary to have at least ten baths so that your body can react to the therapy and start the regeneration processes. The regeneration does not, however, stop after the last bath; it carries on for another four to six weeks. So how long will this energy help you with your pain? For some it is more than half a year. In the majority of cases, the use of analgesics and other medicines drops considerably.



    • Diseases of Movement System
    • Inflammatory – rheumatoid arthritis, spondylitis, ancylosing spondylitis - Bechterev disease, psoriatic arthropathy
    • Degenerative States – after arthritis or polyarthritis, traumatic conditions following the injuries of locomotor organs, degenerative diseases of extremities, joints and spine, extra articular rheumatism, Dupuytren contracture
    • System – scleroderma, system lupus, myositis
    • Other – post-traumatic conditions, condition after orthopedic and rheuma- orthopedic surgeries, and surgeries of peripheral nervous system including replacements
    • Peripheral Nervous System Diseases neuralgia, neuritis with any rheumatic diseases, radicular neuralgia of inflammatory and traumatic origin.
    • Metabolic Diseases typically neuritis accompanying diabetes and any joint affection, the disorders of metabolism (gout e. g.)
    • Osteoporosis Program





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    • Relaxing atmosphere;
    • Aristocratic spirit of the town with singing fountains;
    • Numerous parks with different hike trails;
    • 6 different type of springs with unique curative gas mineral water;
    • Balneological variety (different water can run in wells located close to one Treatment


    Thanks to the diversity of mineral springs, Marianske Lazne is the spa resort with the most indications in the Czech Republic. The specialty of Marianske Lazne is the treatment of kidney and urinary tract disorders.



    • Kidney and urinary tract disorders
    • Respiratory disorders
    • Metabolic disorders
    • Gynecological disorders
    • Oncological diseases another.





    Villa Savoy is situated in a peaceful part of Mariánské Lázně, only a 4-minute walk from the historic promenade. It is surrounded by the park and is close to the Slavkov Forest. Free WiFi is provided.


    The Savoy is a medical and rehabilitation center, led by the hotel's physician. Various medical treatments include a pearl bubble bath, underwater massages, Finnish and infrared saunas and gas treatments with dry CO2 gas are offered.



    Starting from $ 48 per person/per 1 night, prices include:


    • 21 nights of accommodation in DBL
    • FB (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner);
    • Treatments (1 medical examination; laboratory analysis; treatment procedures).