Espace Chenot at L’ Albereta in Italy

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    After more than a decade of international success in the field of health, wellness and beauty, the Espace Chenot at L’ Albereta in Italy, introduces new programs and services which promote strong health, vitality and balance within our body and mind.  We focus on a holistic and systemic screening method.


    Oxidative Stress Assessment

    This innovative diagnostic test measures the level of the total biological oxidation in

    the body against the efficacy of its own antioxidant defense systems to equilibrate the presence of oxidized toxic compounds.

    When this balance is upset, a condition known as oxidative stress, the cellular damage

    and the ageing process can be greatly accelerated.

    The test allows optimizing antioxidant treatment, monitoring its efficacy and just as importantly, avoiding the deleterious effects of antioxidant misuse.

    Minerals and Heavy Metal Intoxication Analysis

    This revolutionary noninvasive method is used to detect directly and in real time the

    bioavailability of trace elements and heavy metals that exist within the tissues. Re- mineralization treatments and chelation procedures are implemented to detoxify the body.

    Arterial Age Assessment

    This non-invasive test provides an accurate and user independent method for

    measuring arterial function and assessing vascular aging.

    This is achieved through the measurements of the stiffness of the arteries, the central blood pressure and the pulse wave reflection coming back from the arteries to the heart.

    The test is as simple as a blood pressure measurement and it allows for precise individual treatments optimization.

    Measurement of Advanced Glycation Endproducts (AGEs)

    This highly technological diagnostic test measures the tissue accumulation of Advanced Glycation Endproducts in real time. These products play a key role in the development of age related chronic diseases.

    Protein glycation is a highly acknowledged aging factor.

    It affects blood vessels, vital organs, alters skin quality, is responsible for sunspots,


    The detection of increased AGEs enables appropriate treatments and prescription for lifestyle modifications including a diet plan to break the bonds that connect proteins and sugars.


    Assessment of Cardio Respiratory Fitness

    This is an exercise test with sophisticated equipment that analyses breath by breath

    how well the heart, arteries, veins and lungs are able to work together to transport oxygen to the muscles.

    The results of this test provide useful information about your physiological response

    to exercise, identifies the possible risk factors associated with your health status and provides the base upon which a personalized fitness training program can be prescribed to improve health, fitness level and weight loss for those in need.

    Assessment of Resting Metabolic Rate

    This test measures accurately and instantaneously the energy requirements of the

    body when at rest.

    It identifies metabolism substrate utilization, allowing improved nutrition and evaluation of nutrition therapies, dietary plans and weight management.


    ULTtherapy - Non-surgical lifting

    Ultherapy is the first and only FDA-approved lifting that uses time-tested

    ultrasound energy to lift and tighten the skin naturally without surgery, helping you achieve a fresher, more youthful look from your brow to your chest.

    Ultherapy is an option for who has mild to moderate skin laxity where the skin

    begins to look less firm or tight, on face, neck and chest. The treatment is personalized depending by the area, the depth and the specific intensity. The Ultherapy protocol provides, normally after the first medical examination, a single treatment session lasting 30-90 minutes. A special ultrasound probe slides on the face with the aid of a small amount of gel. The discomfort is moderate and after the session you can return to your normal daily activities.


    The Cryolipolysis is an innovative non-invasive treatment, that allows you to permanently reduce body fat without surgery, of course, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition.

    With only one Cryolipolysis session, you get results almost overlapped the old liposuction and you can then do other sessions for particular areas.

    Thanks to the controlled freezing of the adipose tissue led to a temperature close to

    0 ° C for a period of 45 minutes, you obtain the self-elimination of fat cells, that will be reabsorbed in a natural and progressive way in the following weeks. The most effective results are achieved in the areas of the body with a biggest amount of fat,

    with an average reduction of 22-25% per session and all areas of the body can be treated.

    During the session the patient can work on his laptop or read a book and it can be done in any season. After the treatment, the patient can immediately return to his daily life.

    Hyaluronic Acid Filler

    Different kinds of hyaluronic acid are used for lip contouring and augmentation, to reduce facial wrinkles, to restores lost volume to cheekbones, chin and cheeks and for the treatment of superficial wrinkles around the mouth “barcode”, eyes “crow’s feet”, chin and neck.

    It can also be used on scars, hands, calves and buttocks.

    Endolift Laser

    An innovative optical Laser fiber, as thin as a human hair, is applied under the skin and used to treat early stages of cutaneous laxity in both the face (under the chin, jawline, neck, mid-face, lower eyelids) and the body (under arms, inner thighs, abdomen and knees). The treatment is almost completely pain-free and does not require any anesthetic.

    Injections for the Treatment of Localized Adiposity

    This method uses a lipolytic drug capable of permanently dissolving fat deposits.

    A single injection is required for each area of localized fat as large as the palm of a hand (10x10 cm).

    The treatment is painless, though a slight tingling or burning sensation that lasts a

    few minutes can be felt. A drainage massage is performed after the treatment to eliminate the dissolved fat.

    The treatment can be repeated three times in a week, allowing a portion of fat to be dissolved during each session. For a few days following treatment, slight swelling and soreness may be experienced around the treated area, although it is short-lasting.

    Vascular Lesions: capillaries and haemangiomas on the face and body. Sclerotherapy

    This treatment eliminates unattractive red/purple capillaries from the face and body.

    Active Acne

    The diode Laser treatment with IndoCyanine Green (ICG) has a Photodynamic effect on active acne. Represent the most advanced therapy for this pathology.

    Intraceuticals Oxygen

    A revitalizing treatment consisting of oxygen under very high pressure being used to

    infuse a serum of hyaluronic acid, vitamins and antioxidants, green tea, aloe vera and

    vitamins A, C and E to the deeper layers of the dermis, moisturizing and firming the skin.

    Suitable for dehydrated, lifeless, acne-prone skin and for those suffering from rosacea.


    Immediate lifting effect, improves skin texture, hydrated, firm and luminous skin, softens fine lines and significantly reduces age spots and imperfections.


    Electroporation permits the transdermal diffusion of active ingredients contained in

    the products associated allowing a reduction of the wrinkles of the face, neck, décolleté and hands, the improvement of the blemishes of cellulite, the correction of skin laxity of the inner arms, inner thighs and abdomen, the remodeling of stretch marks and scars and the toning of breast and gluteus. The treatment, not invasive and painless, produces immediate and obvious results with a more toned and hydrated appearance, giving to face and body a younger and fresh aspect from the first





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    Montecatini Terme is a beautiful town that was built around its mineral water springs. The spring water is considered to help people with trouble with the stomach or liver. Healthy people can enjoy the old time grandeur of the town, stroll in the park or enjoy spa treatments in the various hotels. The most famous spa in town is the Tettuccio Terme located on the main street of Montecatini Terme – Viale Verdi, next to the park. on the same street you can find the municipality building and the tourist information center.

    These days the spa treatments have advanced and they include many modern methods of massage, mud pack treatments and hydrotherapy.

    Medical ailments include:

    Rheumatism, arthritis, as well as other ligament disordersSkin disorders including psoriasis

    Skin disorders including psoriasis

    Urinary, kidney and respiratory problems

    Digestive disorders



    Muscle and circulation problems

    Seasonal affective disorder

    Thermal Baths:

    • TETTUCCIO BUILDING – used for hydroponics care and surrounded by age-old parks, is characterized by the majestic colonnades made with travertine, the marble, the stuccoes, the frescoes, the windows and the frescoed tiles that create a fascinating architecture that closely resembles that of the ancient Roman baths or Greek temples. The historic café at the Thermals with its grand frescoes, beautiful reading room – a true triumph of Liberty, the Regina room – a classic example of Umbertino Liberty, or the spectacular wooden architecture of the more recent Portuguese lounge areas, make this one of the most beautiful thermal spas in the world.
    • TERME LA SALUTE – also a center of hydroponics care, with their fresh Tuscan architecture and large parks, will be the favorite of those who are looking for more discreet and bucolic environments.
    • TERME REDI – more modern, completely renovated and opened on 12th December 2009, represent the best at a European level for all mud-bath, balneotherapy, pulmonary inhalation and ventilation, and post-traumatic and postoperative treatments, relying on modern gyms and indoor thermal pools with vascular courses. Renovated by the architect Oreste Ruggero following the modern canons of functional postmodern architecture they offer a level of comfort that is unusual for normal Thermal structures, finished with good quality materials, and the best fittings and equipment currently available.
    • TERME EXCELSIOR – multifunctional complex used for winter hydroponics treatments and home of the current Montecatini Terme spa, is the modern and functional site for the most advanced concepts in holistic wellbeing and experimentation in some of the innovations. It is a partly neoclassic, partly modernist construction, overlooking Viale Verdi and the not to be missed Thermal Park.
    • LEOPOLDINE BATHS – the jewel in the crown, an eighteenth century complex currently undergoing reconstruction following the plans of the architect Fuksas. It will be equipped with the new wellbeing center, the Roman baths with tepidarium, calidarium and frigidarium, the sensory baths and a series of enormous thermal swimming pools at temperatures varying between 32° and 40°, representing a one of a kind on the international scene for its beautiful architecture and the breadth and completeness of thermal wellbeing offers. This complex will rewrite the rule book and move the boundaries of wellbeing, reaffirming the traditional worldwide leadership of the Montecatini Terme.






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    Rogaska Slatina – is a settlement and a municipality in Slovenia. It is famous for its curative mineral water, spa and crystal glass. Rogaška Slatina is an attractive destination for people looking to improve their health with the natural mineral water Donat Mg (one of the magnesium-richest drinking waters in the world). it also provides plenty of opportunities to relax and enjoy beautiful nature and rich cultural life.

    Medical Center Rogaska:

    • Gastroenterology department
    • Cardiology department
    • The Ultrasound and X-Ray department
    • Dermatology department
    • Urology department
    • Aesthetical Plastic Surgery department
    • Vascular Surgery department


    The effects of mineral water Donat Mg:

    • Assists in the treatment of gastroenterological and endocrine diseases: liver, biliary, pancreas, nerve, heart and vascular diseases
    • Eliminates heartburn and neutralizes stomach acid
    • Eliminates constipation and is an excellent laxative
    • Reduces the risk of the creation of kidney stones and reduces the level of uric acid
    • Improves body metabolism and participates in burning fat
    • Reduces high cholesterol levels
    • Effectively regulates the blood sugar and high blood pressure
    • Prevents heart rhythm disturbances
    • Prevents muscular spasms
    • Helps to prevent osteoporosis
    • Recommended for pregnant women

    The effects of thermal and mineral baths:

    • Relaxes muscles, connective tissue and joints
    • Increases the circulation
    • Activates metabolism
    • Has a soothing effect on problems with the motor system, spine and rheumatic disorders
    • Stimulates the immune system

    The effect of the heat wraps:

    • Speeds up the circulation in the tissue
    • Improves oxygen supply
    • Speeds up the disposal of waste products from the body
    • Releases muscle tension
    • Improves joint flexibility
    • Relieves pain
    • Helps with rheumatic and degenerative disorders


    • Kinesiotherapy
    • Electrotherapy
    • Inhalation therapy
    • Acupuncture


    • Grand Hotel Donat 4*
    • Grand Hotel Sava 4*
    • Grand Hotel Rogaska 4*
    • Hotel Styria 4*
    • Hotel Strossmayer 4*
    • Hotel Zagreb 4*
    • Hotel Slovenija 4*


    Catež ob Savi is a village on the right bank of the Sava River, in eastern Slovenia. The thermal water in Catez is a source of health and wellbeing. It has beneficial effects when recuperating from injuries to the loco motor system, on inflammatory and rheumatic diseases, on neurological diseases, and on the gynecological diseases. Hydrotherapy is supplemented by kinesiotherapy, thermotherapy, electrotherapy, magneto therapy, occupational therapy and isokinetics: the latest in diagnostics and exercise methods for increasing muscle strength.


    • Hotel Terme 4*
    • Hotel Toplice 4*
    • Hotel Catez 3*


    The Dolenjske TopliceTehrmal Spa is located in southern Slovenia, close to Croatian border. Thermal water – isoacratothermal, slightly mineralized, at human body temperature (36 C).


    • rheumatic diseases of the loco motor system
    • recuperation from the injuries and operations of the loco motor system with functional deficiencies
    • osteoporosis
    • post-operative conditions following reproductive system and breast surgery.


    – Curative programs
    – Programs for treating osteoporosis and rheumatism
    – Programs for easing the back pain
    – Preventive programs


    • Hotel Balnea 4* Superior
    • Hotel Kristal 4*
    • Hotel Vital 4*


    The Thermana Lasko Health Resort is located in the exceptional embrace of nature, right above the confluence of the Savinja and Recica rivers. Thermal Springs with temperatures from 32 C to 34 C.


    • recuperating from injures and operations involving the loco motor system with functional loss
    • degenerative articular and non-articular rheumatism, especially problems with the spine
    • muscular and neurological diseases
    • stroke
    • circulatory system disorders
    • gynecological disease
    • cardiovascular diseases
    • skin diseases


    – Therapeutic programs
    – Preventive programs
    – Restorative rehabilitation for paraplegics and cardiovascular disorders


    • Wellness Park Lasko 4*
    • Hotel Zdravilisce Lasko 4*


    The Lendava Thermal Spa, at the point where Slovenia, Hungary and Croatia meet, is a pleasant surprise, not only in its beneficial effects but also in its outstanding natural, cultural and ethnological features. The sodium hydrogen carbonate hyperthermal fossil mineral water, which is recognized as anatural healing element, is used for curative and preventive treatments, rehabilitation, recreation and relaxation. The high paraffin content is a specific feature of Lendava’s water and makes it especially suitable for preventive and curative treatment of loco motor system diseases.


    • rheumatic diseases (inflammatory, degenerative and non-articular rheumatism)
    • recuperating from injures and operations of the loco motor system and the peripheral nervous system
    • burns
    • according to visitors the water has a beneficial effect on psoriasis and on chronic inflammation of the reproductive organs


    – Curative programs
    – Anti-pain
    – Rheumatic problems
    – The treatment of osteoporosis
    – Rehabilitation
    – Preventive programs
    – Anti-stress


    • Hotel Lipa 3*


    Located ibn the heart of the Prekmurje region, in the northeast Slovenia. Healing Resources – black thermo-mineral water from Moravske toplice and fresh water peloid from the Negovsko jezero Lake.


    • degenerative rheumatism
    • non-articular rheumatism
    • chronic inflammation of rheumatic diseases
    • recuperating from the injures and operations connected to the loco motor system with functional deficiencies
    • skin diseases.


    – Anti-stress
    – Anti-rheumatism programs
    – Prevention of the osteoporosis programs
    – Weight loss programs
    – Preventive and relaxation programs
    – Programs for treating psoriasis


    • Hotel Livada Prestige 5*
    • Hotel Ajda 4*
    • Hotel Termal 4*


    Located in the Obsotelje area, in the southeast Slovenia along the Croatian border. Healing Resources – magnesium-calcium-hydrogen carbonate thermal water from 28 C to 37 C.


    – Curative programs
    – Programs for easing lower back pain
    – Programs for rehabilitation following sport injures
    – Treatment of rheumatic diseases and skin diseases
    – Preventive programs
    – Active back programs
    – Preventive medical examinations
    – Anti-rheumatism programs


    • Hotel Sotelia 4*
    • Hotel Breza 4*


    One of the newest health resorts in Slovenia, located in Slovenia’s oldest town of Ptuj. Healing Resources – natural thermo-mineral water, sodium hydrogen carbonate, slightly alkaline, oligomineral natural thermal water, temperatures of 39 – 54 C.


    • degenerative rheumatism
    • rehabilitation following injures and the operations of the loco motor system.


    • Grand Hotel Primus 4*


    The resort is located several kilometers from the larger town of Gornja Radgona. Healing resources – naturally carbonated mineral water, hydrogen carbonate thermo-mineral water, temperature of 41C, and 33 to 37 C in the thermal pools.


    – treatment of heart and circulatory diseases
    – kidney and urinary tract diseases
    – rheumatic illnesses
    – disturbance of the loco motor system
    – metabolic disorders


    • Hotel Radin 4*
    • Hotel Izvir 4*


    Healing resources – hypothermal water with a temperature of 32C , rich in carbon dioxide, magnesium and potassium


    • cardiovascular disease
    • diseases and injures connected to the loco motor system
    • sport injures
    • psychosomatic disorders.


    • Hotel Vitarium 4* Superior
    • Hotel Smarjeta 4*


    Thalasso Strunjan is distinguished by its outstanding location beside the sea at the heart of a nature park. Healing resources – Mediterranean climate, seawater and sea mud.


    – Respiratory diseases
    – Rheumatic diseases
    – Osteoporosis
    – Recuperating from injuries and operations connected to the loco motor system


    – Curative programs
    – Programs for treating respiratory diseases
    – Programs for treating back pain
    – Programs for treating rheumatic diseases
    – Programs for treating osteoporosis


    • Hotel Svoboda 4*
    • Villas 3*
    • Hotel Laguna 3*


    Natural resources:

    • Salt pan mud (fango)
    • Brine – natural sea treasure from the salt pans
    • Sea water
    • Thermo mineral water


    • injures and diseases of the loco motor system
    • neurological diseases
    • skin diseases
    • respiratory disorders
    • gynecological problems
    • urogenital diseases
    • excessive weight
    • fatigue
    • stress
    • sleep disorders.

    Lifeclass Resort:

    • Grand Hotel Portoroz 5*
    • Hotel Slovenija 4*
    • Hotel Riviera 4*
    • Hotel Apollo 4*
    • Hotel Mirna 4*
    • Hotel Neptun 4*




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    Pärnu is a West-Estonian resort with well established traditions that has held the title of ’s summer capital and heart-warming town for over ten years.


    Rehabilitation Center Estonia

    Rehabilitation Center Estonia offers professional preventing and rehabilitating treatment six days a week. We can offer a relief from bone and joint diseases, as well as heart, blood circulation, peripheral nervous system, bronchial tubes and skin illnesses. In addition, a specialist consultations, dental treatments and chargeable analysis (blood sugar, cholesterol, EKG, ultrasound, urine).


    Viiking SPA Hotel

    Viiking SPA Hotel is situated in the beach district, next to the historical Vallikraav (moat), just a short walk away from the downtown of Pärnu and the beach. You can enjoy treatment or relaxation packages and the SPA-Hotel is also a suitable place for a family holida, offering a wide choice of classic rehabilitation procedures: different massages, hydrotherapy, physical therapy, electrotherapy, heat and cold therapy. To relieve your stress and boost your spirits, different relaxing procedures are available:

    • Vibro-acoustic chair
    • Massage chair
    • Health capsula.

    Hotel Viiking also offers the possibility to recover from a heart attack or heart surgery.





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    Jurmala is the only official resort in Latvia. It is also only 15km from Riga International Airport and 25km from the capital of Latvia, Riga. The resort of Jurmala is well known for its natural resources, its mild climate, the sea, its healthy air, and the curative mud and mineral waters. It fascinates with its white sandy beach that is almost 26km long and its spacious pine forests with modern recreation and resort options.



    Nature has generously awarded Jurmala with unique medicinal resources. Jurmala is a balneo-logical and a climatic resort - here you can find both healing mud, as well as a mild maritime climate combined with the pine forest air rich with phytoncides.

    Here, the subsoil hides sulfurated, bromide and sodium chloride mineral water, which has created large underground reserves of therapeutic peat, and you can find precious sapropel mud in the lakes.

    Jurmala is known as a medical resort since the late 18th century, when the research of folk medicines such as hydrogen sulfide springs, peat and sapropel mud allowed to set up the first healing institutions in Ķemeri. Today the treatment institutions of the Jurmala resorts offer a wide range of healing, rehabilitation and SPA services, and it is the ideal place for combining leisurely relaxation with healthcare. Jurmala's medical institutions are renowned for the quality of services and professional specialists.

    The Jurmala hospital offers diagnostic programs, leg vein treatment with laser surgeries, Bariatrics or stomach reduction surgery, maternity services in comfortable conditions, also offering water birth.

    Jurmala is home to the Global Virotherapy Cancer clinic where cancer is treated with the RIGVIR® virus. Oncolytic virotherapy is a cancer treatment that uses a virus which has the ability to find and destroy cancer cells in the human body.




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    Biarritz is located on the southwest of France, on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean. It is one of the most famous seaside resorts, which is known for its luxury, unique climate, sandy beaches and good quality of service.

    Biarritz is internationally famous for its Thalassothérapie, on both historic and technical levels. Louison Bobet, who created this concept in the seventies, was convinced - and rightly so - of the benefits which a maritime climate and sea water brought to the human body. The centre he created still exists in Biarritz, where a long tradition of marine therapy contributes to the success of the two thalassothérapie centres (Thalmar and Thalassa Biarritz), landmark establishments which continue to meet an ever-growing demand.

    Each centre offers customised treatment and therapy to meet your needs, including seaweed bodywrap, bodysculpting, relaxation, massages, bodyscrubbing, balneotherapy, beauty treatments, post-surgery therapy, post-natal care, treatments to combat smoking and stress...

    Also available is the more classical infrastructure involving swimming pools, saunas, UV treatment cabins, hammams and other fitness centres.


    Sofitel Miramar Biarritz 4* – a modern hotel, located on the seaside. It has 126 rooms and suites with a balcony or a terrace with the sea view. 2 restaurants, a bar, 2 pools with the sea water, golf and tennis courts.
    Mercure Thalassa Regina & du Golf 4* – an elegant hotel built at the beginning of the 20th century. It has 66 rooms and apartments with all the amenities, with the sea view or golf view. Bar, restaurant and a pool.

    Thalasso Canter:
    A pool with the heated water, a pool with the sea water, Jacuzzi, Turkish bath, solarium, beauty center, treatment rooms and fitness center.




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    Truskavets (Lvivskiy region) – one of the biggest balneological resorts in Ukraine, situated in 100 km from Lviv. There are huge reserves of different types of mineral water concentrated in the resort area– 14 natural baths, as well as  minerals of «mountain wax», Ozokerit. The most famous Truskavets waters are “Naftusya”, “Maria”, “Sophia”, “Bronislava” and “Yuzya”.
    The most popular is «Naftusya». Its structure includes substances of oil origin, which determines its unique treatment properties. After contact with air, the organic substances of «Naftusya» are destroyed - that’s why it is strongly recommended to drink the water directly near the spring.

    the «Mountain wax», Ozokerit is also actively used as one of the treatment properties. It is mined a few kilometers from Truskavets. Ozokerito-therapy has been used from 1947. Wax is used in heat treatment as an anti-inflammatory agent, as well as for most effective treatment of degenerative diseases.

    Besides the urological and concomitant diseases, the digestive system, musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular system, diabetes, etc. are also treated at the resort.


    Main treatment directions:



     Metabolic diseases



    Indications for treatments:


    Kidneys diseases

    • Chronic pyelonephritis and cystitis;
    • Urinary calculus and diathesis;
    • Postoperative state, state after stones removal;
    • Congenital kidneys anomalies;
    • Chronic prostatitis.


    Gastric diseases

    • Chronic hepatitis, state after transmissible hepatitis;
    • Cholecistitis, angiocholitis;
    • Gallstones, except the forms which have to be operated on;
    • Dyskinesia of common bile ducts, gall-bladder and intestines;
    • Delitescence of chronic pancreatitis without frequent exacerbation;
    • Chronic colitis and enterocolitis.


    Other diseases

    • Adiposity;
    • Diabetes in state of stable compensation;
    • Respiratory apparatus (chronic bronchitis, laryngitis and pharyngitis, tracheitis, bronchial asthma, tonsillitis);
    • Circulation organs (atherosclerosis, hypertension, endarteritis, ischemia);
    • Skin diseases (allergic dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, shingles, seborrhea);
    • Backbone diseases (osteochondrosis, kyphoscoliosis);
    • Joints and peripheral nervous system (colagenosis, rheumatism, neuritis, plexitis);



    Rixos Prykarpattya 5*

    Royal Hotels and Spa Resorts: Geneva, Caesar and Promenade 4*




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    Igalo is a town located in the vicinity of Herceg-Novi, next to Dubrovnik, Croatia. Located on the slopes of Mount Orjen, Igalo is regionally famous for the “Dr. Simo Miloševic” Institute, a Mediterranean themed health spa which formerly attracted many tourists. The institute is one of the unique hospitals and spas in the Balkans.



    The Institute Igalo is the largest and the best-known institution for Multidisciplinary and European Spa Treatment in the Mediterranean. It has been at forefront of modern Physical and Preventive medicine, Rehabilitation, Thalassotherapy, and Wellness and has become one of major international centers for pediatric, adult, and geriatric rehabilitation. The Institute Igalo was founded in 1949. It is a member of the University of Montenegro, the Teaching Affiliate of the Podgorica Medical School. The Institute’s Physiotherapy College  opened in 1983 and admits 35 new students each year. Nursing college “Queen Jelena” was opened in 2005. The top medical staff consists of 52 physicians of various specialties, 93 registered nurses as well as 178 physiotherapists and 16 experts of related branches. Following the old European tradition of natural treatments, the Institute has gained an international reputation for its successful treatment of clientele with the wide range of medical problems. People from all over the world come to Igalo to maintain and restore their health, control body weight, reduce stress, get fit, treat rheumatism, heal sports and other injuries, and kill acute and chronic pain. They leave recuperated and rejuvenated, with beautiful memories and big smiles on their faces. Treatments at the Institute include hydrotherapy, thalasso-therapy, electrotherapy, balneo-therapy, personalized weight loss and exercises programs, various massages, and many more.




    Institute Igalo Mediterranean Health Center


    Medical Programs:

    Balneo for rheumatic disorders

     Balneo for spinal disorders

     Balneo for posttraumatic conditions

    Chronic lungs problems

     Beauty programs

     Slimming program

    Anti stress program


    Extra services:

    Alternative medicine: Shiatsu acupressure, ki yoga, tai chi chuan & chi gong

    Sports Center

    Dental praxis – professor of Oral Surgery and Dentistry: parodontology, aesthetical dentistry, German prosthetic work.




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    Mendoza is the heart of Argentina´s wine country. Over 900 wineries stand up in this vast region at the foothills of the Andes. Fabulous landscapes for outdoor activities, great weather -over 320 days of sun a year- and very friendly people are some of the irresistible aspects of the region. Mendoza is only 90 minutes flight from Buenos Aires, and 45 min. flight from Santiago de Chile.



    Cavas Wine Lodge Spa

    Cavas Wine Lodge Spa is the first Lodge of its kind in South America, blessed by the natural beauty of Mendoza - an idyllic wine growing region at the foot of the Andes. Experience a full menu of exclusive treatments in the heart of Mendoza's winelands. Treatments combine the latest scientific discoveries involving the vine and grape seed extracts. Rich in polyphenols, these extracts combat free radicals which are responsible for 80% of aging.



    • Bonarda (red wine) Bath - Soak in bubbling water enriched with red vine extracts to stimulate your circulatory system along with organic essential oils.
    • Torrontés Wine Wrap - Application of wine yeast and organic essential oils, while strengthening the immune defenses
    • Terapeutic Massage - A soothing massage using grape seed oil and organic essential oils for either a revitalizing or relaxing effects.
    • Four Hand Massage - Two therapists work on one person, synchronizing technique of sliding, pressure and stretching looking for a relaxing effect. ­The intention is put on the individual harmonization.




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    Located just outside the city center and tucked away in the heart of Mendoza’s best Malbec region Lujan de Cuyo, Entre Cielos was started in 2009 by ‘the Suizos’, a group of Swiss friends that picked up Mendoza as the perfect destination for this magnificent Luxury Wine Hotel + Spa. Its location is convenient to the airport and downtown area but still anchored in the heart of Mendoza’s majestic wine country. Entre Cielos offers wellness services in their Spa + Hamam, relying on the benefits of the traditional Turkish practices as a method of cleansing and relaxation. Among other services, Entre Cielos offers:



    • Classic Circuit - A perfect equilibrium of body, mind and soul. A wonderful first experience of the six stages of hamam: this classic circuit never fails to deliver amazing results.
    • Rhassoul -  A visit to the kingdom of the senses. The nutrients found in naturally occurring- clay softly penetrate the skin through the gradual introduction of steam.
    • Elif - The deep charm of the Hamam. The softness of foam is perfect for a wonderfully relaxing massage. Followed by the unique experience of a rhassoul.
    • Cleopatra -  The beauty of body purification. A traditional hamam and foam massage provide the perfect preparation for a gentle facial using natural essential oils.
    • Sultan - Fatigue relief for men, oriental style. A classic hamam, followed by a deep bath and then a vigorous two-person massage using essential oils.




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    Marbella is a city and resort area on southern Spain’s Costa del Sol, part of the Andalusia region. The Sierra Blanca Mountains are the backdrop to 27 km of sandy Mediterranean beaches, villas, hotels, and golf courses.

    Spa Hotels in Marbella

    Shanti-Som Wellbeing Retreat is nestled in the midst of nature surrounded by the Sierra de las Nieves Nature Park and Biosphere Reserve in Spain. It has been carefully constructed, respecting and incorporating local materials as well as following the guidelines of Feng-Shui. Shanti- Som brings together elements of Balinese architecture and Oriental gardens, creating a slice of eastern style within easy travelling time from Europe’s major cities. It is best described as a Spa Hotel Retreat, offering you the best Spa treatments with the luxury of a boutique hotel. Retreats: Yoga Retreat, Weight Loss Retreat, Detox Retreat, Pilates Retreat, Chakra Experience Retreat.

    Puente Romano Beach Resort & Spa Marbella - Six Senses Spas offer a layered approach that unites a pioneering spirit with treatments that go beyond ordinary

    Deep Tissue - a deep oil-based massage to ease muscle tension and reawaken your senses

    Detox - A stimulating massage using firming and toning oils to reduce the appearance of cellulite, uneven skin tone and fluid retention

    Holistic - a soothing massage designed to evoke deep relaxation

    Marbella Club Hotel · Golf Resort & Spa - Marbella Club Thalasso Wellness offers tailored facial and body treatments, therapeutic sessions and Thalassotherapy for complete rejuvenation and wellbeing

    MC Thalasso Vichy Detox: two step massage under seawater rain, combining exfoliation using salts and oils and full body algae mask. Your skin will regain its natural balance after having removed dead skin cells and toxins.

    Algae Massage: unique massage using a full body algae mask under light seawater rain. Receive all the benefits from the algae through the hands of your therapist.

    Marriott's Marbella Beach Resort

    Don Carlos Leisure Resort & Spa

    The Oasis by Don Carlos Resort - The sophisticated Spa at the Don Carlos Resort in Marbella will be the ideal setting for pleasant treatments to make the most of your beauty, to feel good or, simply to relax. Treat yourself to one of our star treatments, body wraps, oriental therapies or a gourmet treat and disconnect from the world in a truly idyllic place.

    ROSE OF THE ORIENT: Holistic massage performed with rice bags and aromas of exotic woods to relax the body and soul until reaching the point of Ki (absence of anxiety).

    MAHANA BORA-BORA: Sensory massage with sacred oil from Polynesia and hot sachets of sand. Perfect for de-stressing.

    DREAMS OF AL-ANDALUS: Body purification with kessa glove + holistic massage Transport yourself to a land of perfumes, spices and deep-rooted traditions, in a treatment where drawings with water jets will delight your senses with the scents of orange, cinnamon, almonds and shea tree.


    Gran Meliá Don Pepe - The gentle harmony between excellent products, developed and formulated by Clarins Laboratories, and their unique 100% manual method makes our treatments the perfect combination of efficiency and wellbeing.

    Clarins reinvents massage with new movements and gestures to provide an unprecedented and unbeatable experience. A massage that fills the senses and soothes the mind thanks to the exclusive aromatic oils.

    The Westin La Quinta Golf Resort & Spa - Designed in Moorish style, the 1,500-square-meter Heavenly Spa by Westin™ comprises eight treatment rooms, one hydrotherapy pool, and a fully equipped WestinWORKOUT® Fitness Studio

    Los Monteros Marbella Hotel & Spa

    Vincci Selección Estrella del Mar