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    Igalo is a town located in the vicinity of Herceg-Novi, next to Dubrovnik, Croatia. Located on the slopes of Mount Orjen, Igalo is regionally famous for the “Dr. Simo Miloševic” Institute, a Mediterranean themed health spa which formerly attracted many tourists. The institute is one of the unique hospitals and spas in the Balkans.



    The Institute Igalo is the largest and the best-known institution for Multidisciplinary and European Spa Treatment in the Mediterranean. It has been at forefront of modern Physical and Preventive medicine, Rehabilitation, Thalassotherapy, and Wellness and has become one of major international centers for pediatric, adult, and geriatric rehabilitation. The Institute Igalo was founded in 1949. It is a member of the University of Montenegro, the Teaching Affiliate of the Podgorica Medical School. The Institute’s Physiotherapy College  opened in 1983 and admits 35 new students each year. Nursing college “Queen Jelena” was opened in 2005. The top medical staff consists of 52 physicians of various specialties, 93 registered nurses as well as 178 physiotherapists and 16 experts of related branches. Following the old European tradition of natural treatments, the Institute has gained an international reputation for its successful treatment of clientele with the wide range of medical problems. People from all over the world come to Igalo to maintain and restore their health, control body weight, reduce stress, get fit, treat rheumatism, heal sports and other injuries, and kill acute and chronic pain. They leave recuperated and rejuvenated, with beautiful memories and big smiles on their faces. Treatments at the Institute include hydrotherapy, thalasso-therapy, electrotherapy, balneo-therapy, personalized weight loss and exercises programs, various massages, and many more.




    Institute Igalo Mediterranean Health Center


    Medical Programs:

    Balneo for rheumatic disorders

     Balneo for spinal disorders

     Balneo for posttraumatic conditions

    Chronic lungs problems

     Beauty programs

     Slimming program

    Anti stress program


    Extra services:

    Alternative medicine: Shiatsu acupressure, ki yoga, tai chi chuan & chi gong

    Sports Center

    Dental praxis – professor of Oral Surgery and Dentistry: parodontology, aesthetical dentistry, German prosthetic work.