Dead Sea

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    The Dead Sea, also called the Salt Sea, is a salt lake bordering Jordan to the east and Israel and the West Bank to the west. With 33.7% salinity, it is also one of the world’s saltiest bodies of water. The Dead Sea area has become a major center for health research and treatment for several reasons. The mineral content of the water, the very low content of pollens and other allergens the atmosphere, the reduced ultraviolet component of solar radiation, and the higher atmospheric pressure at this great depth each have specific health effects. The region’s climate and low elevation have made it a popular center for several types of therapies:



    • Climato-therapy: Treatment which exploits local climatic features such as temperature, humidity, sunshine, barometric pressure and special atmospheric constituents.
    • Heliotherapy: Treatment that exploits the biological effects of the sun’s radiation.
    • Thalassotherapy: Treatment that exploits bathing in Dead Sea water.



    Treatment for Psoriasis:

    Climato-therapy at the Dead Sea is an effective therapy for patients with the skin disorder psoriasis.


    Treatment for Rhino Sinusitis:

    Rhino sinusitis patients receiving Dead Sea saline nasal irrigation exhibited significantly better symptom relief compared to standard hypertonic saline spray.


    Treatment for Osteoarthritis:

    Dead Sea Mud pack therapy has been suggested to temporarily relieve pain in patients with osteoarthritis.



    Treatment of the musculoskeletal system diseases

    Gynecology and urology

    Anti-Cellulite programs

    Weight loss programs

    Cosmetology programs



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