Baden Baden

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    The best place in Germany for health improvement is considered to be Baden-Baden. This beautiful town at the foot of the “Black Forest” has a long tradition of receiving guests who wish to improve their health and coming from all over the world. Today, this tradition was revived and we are glad to offer the special wellness programs that include various treatments and activities in this beautiful oasis of peace and quiet.


    Treatment programs at Baden-Baden are particularly recommended for the following indications:

    General weakness and fatigue

    Motor system disorders (arthritis, spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis and spondylitis)

    Functional disorders after stroke



    Consequences of road accidents

    Cardiovascular and blood circulation disorders

    Metabolic disorders

    Chronic gynecological problems

    Chronic respiratory diseases



    7-day basic program

    14-day health-building program

    7-day “Deluxe” program

    7-day “Anti Aging” program

    10-day program for weight loss and rejuvenation

    6-day health program, “Cardio”

    5-day health program “Orthopedics”

    Health and Beauty

    7-day program on “Beauty and Health”

    14-day program on “Beauty and Health”

    Blood vessels Improvement (1 week)

    Blood vessels and heart Improvement (1 week)Intensive weight loss (1 week)


    Hotel Roemerhof 3*
    HELIOPARK Quellenhof 4*
    Radisson Blu Badischer Hof Hotel 4*
    Best Western Queens Hotel Baden-Baden 4*
    Der Kleine Prinz 4*
    Aqua Aurelia 4*
    Steigenberger Europaeischer Hof 5*
    Belle Epoque 5*
    Dorint Maison Messmer 5*
    Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa 5*