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    Losinj - the only island in the Adriatic with a subtropical climate. Thanks to this, the weather throughout the year is stable, changes between the seasons are mild and there are an amazing 2,580 sunny hours that heat the island.

    Thanks to the beneficial effects on the respiratory system and general health, Losinj island has been a favorite choice of many people who have breathing problems or simply want to improve their health. The healing climate and air enriched with sea spray have positive benefits on respiratory system and problems, such as bronchitis and asthma, or allergies.

    HOTEL BELLEVUE: The Spa Clinic consists of indoor and outdoor pools, Relax area and beautiful SPA garden. Lošinj’s crystal clear sea has healing benefits for the body. This is the most important reason why all of the pools in the Bellevue hotel are filled with seawater. The indoor pool enables you to enjoy the sea all year round, while the outdoor pools are the perfect place for refreshing body and soul throughout the warm spring and summer.